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Earn Interest On Your Crypto Asset Holdings

If you are holding crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc in a standard wallet then your holding will never increase. By moving them to iSpace you will be paid regular daily interest on your balances allowing them to grow.

Earn Interest While Holding

Interest is accumulated daily on all the asset held on your account.

Free To Use

Our Service is free to use. We simply take a small percentage of the interest that we generate to cover our costs.

Safe & Secure

Your assets are protected by a range of the latest security measures for peace of mind.

No Tie-In Period

You are free to withdraw your assets at any time.


We offer a number of services to store and swap your crypto assets whilst paying daily interest payments on all assets held with us.

Interest On Holdings

Daily interest payments made on all your holdings

Free Asset Store

Store your assets in one place to save holding multiple wallets on your personal computer

Crypto Art

Helping artists, graphic designers and photographers to sell their art via NFT assets on the blockchain

Affiliate Programme

Offer our services to family and friends and earn 5% of any interest they generate.

Start Earning Today

You have nothing to lose by registering with us today and starting to earn interest on your assets.

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New To Crypto Asset Investment?

iSpace is here to help you build additional wealth on your new or existing Crypto Assets like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc

1. Buy New Assets

If you are looking to purchase new assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc then we highly recommend using a well established and trusted company like Coinbase.

2. Transfer Your Assets

Once you have bought your assets or if you already have existing assets then you should transfer them to your iSpace account via the transfer option in the member's section.

3. Start Earning Interest

You start earning interest on your assets as soon as your transfer is complete.

4. Withdraw Your Earnings

You are free to withdraw your assets and earnings at any time. There is no mandatory tie-in period to use our service.

Asset Prices

Below is a list of the current prices for each asset we support. It is not necessary to buy a whole asset at once, you can buy fractions.
Asset Price
  Bitcoin $35,934.00
  Ethereum $2,396.00
  Monero $142.40
  Litecoin $104.98
  Bitcoin SV $89.72
  Polkadot $17.57
  ChainLink $14.81
  OmiseGO Network $4.15
  Tezos $2.82
  EOS $2.17
  Cardano $1.03

Asset Interest Rates

Here are the current interest rates for each asset. They change constantly but give you an indication of the best earnings at this time.
Asset Daily % APR %
  Bitcoin 0.00001 0.00
  Ethereum 0.01188 4.34
  Monero 0.00027 0.10
  Litecoin 0.00391 1.43
  Bitcoin SV 0.00614 2.24
  Polkadot 0.00059 0.22
  ChainLink 0.00908 3.31
  OmiseGO Network 0.00521 1.90
  Tezos 0.01293 4.72
  EOS 0.01079 3.94
  Cardano 0.00010 0.04


Here is some feedback from some of our satisfied customers:

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we try to answer some of the questions other members have asked but if anything is missing then please get in touch:

In simple terms, iSpace is just like a savings bank but for crypto assets like Bitcoin. You deposit your assets and we hold them and pay you interest on your balance. There are a large number of sites offering 'Wallet' facilities that will only hold your assets for you, they do not pay any interest.
Due to anti-money laundering rules there are now tight regulatory requirements regarding crypto asset purchases so the buying of assets is best handled by a specialised, regulated company. For such purchases we would recommend Coinbase which is long established, trustworthy and easy to use. Remember to transfer your Assets over to your iSpace account in order to earn interest as Coinbase does not offer this feature.
If you are looking to buy crypto assets it is possible to invest any amount of money as there is no need to buy whole coins. You can buy fractions right down to 0.0000001 of a coin so don't let the prices stop you buying the assets you want to hold. The minimum purchase on Coinbase is currently €25.
Once you have bought your assets, or to transfer existing assets, simply login to your iSpace account and select the 'Deposits & Purchase' tab. Here you can select the asset you wish to transfer and specify the amount you will be sending. On saving your request you will be given details of a Wallet Address to send your assets to. Once the transfer has been made you should enter the Transaction Id (TXID) onto our Deposits page so that we can easily track your transfer. You can also use this page to track incoming transfers.
All assets deposited with us are held in secure wallets on a large, well respected funding exchange with multiple levels of security, protection and processes. It is not possible to devulge too much information regarding this in order to protect that security. All withdrawals of funds are handled manually ensuring only legitmate, authorised requests are processed.
There is no tie-in period to this investment and Assets can be withdrawn at any time. If you needed to convert you assets back to a fiat currency (like Pounds, Euros or Dollars) then simply transfer them back to Coinbase where they can be sold as required.
We currently offer interest on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin SV, Monero, Litecoin, Chainlink, OmisGO Network, Tezos, EOS and Stellar Lumen.
Any funds deposited with us are used for Margin Funding. This is a very low risk investment type where funds are loaned to traders in return for interest.
Margin Funding is the lending of a percentage of funds to a trader for them to buy assets. If the trader's investment moves in the wrong direction then their position would be liquidated and any loaned funds returned to the lender before incurring any loss. Any loss is bourne by the trader's own funds (this is called Margin Trading) and makes margin funding a low risk investment strategy.
An NFT ( Non-Fungible Token ) is a special token representing a unique ID that cannot be replicated, they are used to create verified digital ownership and are used in applications that offer Crypto Art, Crypto Gaming, Crypto Collectibles & more. The NFT is tokenized or minted which means it is put onto something called a Blockchain, a Blockchain is a permanent ledger that is accessible on computers globally.
If you have no knowledge of crypto and blockchains then we can help to promote and sell your work along with registering each piece as a unique NFT on the Etheruem blockchain for transparency of ownership. We can handle the crypto payment and pass your proceeds (minus fees) to your iSpace account where you can choose to invest them or convert them stright to a regular fiat currency. To talk to us about this simply click the Message Us button in the corner of the screen.


If you wish to contact us then please use the email address below or click the live chat button in the bottom right of the screen.

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